Monday, 16 September 2013

Computer Audio Design Windows 8 Audio Optimization Script


I have been working on a Windows 8 Audio Optimization Script for some time now.  If you want the details the best place to look is at the JPLAY forum:

I have two downloads available:

This zip file contains 3 separate scripts:
1)  CAD Windows 8 Audio Optimization V2_6.cmd
2) CAD Windows 8 Return to Original Settings V2_6.cmd
3) Desktop Services Killer V1_1.cmd

If you have run a previous script you must run the return to original settings before running V2.6.
The Desktop Killer can be copied to your desktop and run manually or I put mine in the startup folder.

The second download is:

This zip file contains 1 script and one executable
1)  CAD Windows 8 Shell Killer V1_1.cmd
2) NtSuspendProcess64.exe

This script will be a bit limiting for many!  It will turn your screen black instantly.  The only button that will work on your computer will be the power button.  This is how you have to reboot your computer.
Copy NtSuspendProcess64.exe to C:/
Copy CAD Windows 8 Shell Killer V1_1.cmd to your desktop

Now when you double click on the Shell Killer script located on your desktop the screen will instantly go black.  You can still use an iPad device and JRemote to control Jriver media center.  This is not a permanent change!  When you reboot your CAT it will be back exactly the same state with your screen just as always..  So the CAD Windows 8 Shell Killer V1_1.cmd needs to be run on every boot up.  If you are also running the Desktop Services Killer let that start before you run the Shell Killer.

Any questions please let me know!

Scott Berry

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