Wednesday, 29 February 2012

This is Computer Audio Designs first post.

Hello, my name is Scott and I run a UK company that has been developing a Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) that is designed to specifically work with computers.  The ONLY input is USB.

Our DAC is an all out effort to achieve the best sound quality possible.  If sound quality is your highest priority and you are sceptical about Computer Audio please get in touch for a demonstration.  All efforts have focused on sound quality.  From the non detachable mains power chord to the custom hand made output capacitors made for us, we have obsessed about ever single component in our DAC.  No MP3s allowed!

The CAD DAC 1543 will fit into any audio system regardless of price.  We have done many A/B comparisons to other digital sources and turntables costing vastly more and people are constantly amazed at what can be achieved with computer based audio.

We are currently manufacturing our first production build and units will be available in April 2012.

We source the best components from around Europe, USA and Australia.  We are a UK company that uses UK components where ever possible.

Please get in touch so you can hear for yourself what is possible!

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